Episode 09 - Pottery Pete, The Tooth Fairy, Snake Catchers, Star Trek and Anime

In this special two hour episode of the Invert the Why Podcast, Retro Dan, Jason Relaxation and Pottery Pete raise money for The Melanoma Institute of Australia, donating $1 for every F-bomb spoken during the show. In what will be remembered as the most chaotic day in Podcast history, the team discuss a forgetful Tooth Fairy, inappropriate nappy changes, Snake Catching, Star Trek and a range of Anime Favourites. If you love to geek on on Star Trek - or have insomnia - tune in for what must be the most comprehensive rant in history. The team also look back at Agro's cartoon connection, Robotech, Star Blazers, Astro Boy, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Wings of Honneamise. Games discussed include Macross, Mechwarrior and probably more.

Jason La Greca