Episode 17 - Neel Shukla, The Simpsons, Nirvana, The Music Business, & Best/Worst Gigs

In this special episode of the Invert The Why Podcast, Neel Shukla (aka Nuka Neel), Retro Dan, and Jason relaxation discuss the downfall of the Simpsons, Nirvana, the music and recording industry, bands we love, and our favourite concerts. Nuka Neel helps us dive deep into the roles of producers, audio techs and the intricacies of microphones, compression and drum kits. Follow Nuka Neel and his musical high jinks on Instagram, or at the following gigs

Thursday 11th April

Dinosaurus Rex EP Launch @ Lazybones


Friday 12th April

Ex-Cassette supporting FANGZ @ Hideaway Bar


He also plays in the following CRACKING bands!

Dan Romeo


Liam Gale & The Ponytails


The Blind Hot Gems


Jason La Greca