Episode 28 - Rocket Russell, Nervous Nathan, Many Mario Bleeps, Strip Clubs, and Formula One Season 2019

In this VERY sweary episode of the Invert the Why Podcast, Rocket Russell, Nervous Nathan, Retro Dan, and Jason Relaxation test Mario's bleeps to the limit and also discuss bladder problems, corn (not Korn), Mick Molloy, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Rodney Rude, Doorbell problems, Steady Eddie, and a very deep dive into Formula One season 2019. While Jason relaxation sleeps, the boys discuss Formula 2019 Mercedes dominance, a lack of overtaking, watering down 2021 regulations, Liberty Media, ground hogs, performance and mindfulness coaches, Ferrari's restructure, the quality of food at strip joints, Melbourne's infamous Goldfinger club, Pole Position, and how you get pink eye from a dildo.

Jason La Greca