Episode 39 - Cyber Dunc - Golden Retrievers, Amiga 500, Dunc's Classic Games, Intensity, and 7 RAMs.

In this episode of Invert the Why, Cyber Dunc is back to deep dive into the Amiga 500, early PC gaming, Tie Fighter, UFO Enemy Unknown, golden retriever gluttony, golfing stories, and a body in the trunk. This episode has 7 1/2 RAMs, so strap yourself in for a crazy trip down memory lane. We look at Cyber Dunc's treasure chest of mostly pirated Amiga games and uncover gems like Defender of the Crown, Test Drive, California Games, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, Warlords, Space Quest, Police Quest, Monkey Island, Afterburner, FA/18, Battle Chess, Bubble Bobble, System Shock, Mortal Kombat, Dune, Red Alert, Marble Madness, Dogs of War, Maniac Mansion, and Barbarian.

Jason La Greca